Buick Encore Owners & Service Manuals

Buick Encore: Paint and Coatings


 Paint and Coatings - Introduction

BASECOAT/CLEARCOAT PAINT SYSTEMS WARNING: Exposure to isocyanates during paint preparation and application processes can cause severe breathing problems. Read and follow all of the instructions from

 Paint and Coatings - Repair instructions

Clearcoat repair without repainting Repair Procedure Thoroughly wash the repair area with Liquid Wash and Wax GM P/N 1052870 or the equivalent. Environmental damage may be corrected. Refer to Env

 Power Seats

SCHEMATIC WIRING DIAGRAMS DRIVER SEAT WIRING SCHEMATICS (ENCORE) Power Seat (Without AAG) and Lumbar Fig. 1: Power Seat (Without AAG) and Lumbar Module Power, Ground, Serial Data, and Memory Control


 Diagnostic information and procedures

SPECIFICATIONS FASTENER TIGHTENING SPECIFICATIONS Fastener Tightening Specifications DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION AND PROCEDURES TRANSMISSION FLUID COOLER FLUSHING AND FLOW TEST GM studies indicate that plugged or restricted transmission oil coolers and pipes cause insufficient transmission lubrication

 Displays and Gauges - Repair instructions

AMBIENT AIR TEMPERATURE SENSOR REPLACEMENT Fig. 9: Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Replacement DRIVER INFORMATION DISPLAY REPLACEMENT (UAG) Fig. 10: Driver Information Display Replacement (UAG) Driver Information Display Replacement (UAG) DRIVER INFORMATION DISP

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