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Buick Encore: Side Blind Zone Alert (SBZA)

If equipped, the SBZA system is a lane-changing aid that assists drivers with avoiding crashes that occur with moving vehicles in the side blind zone (or spot) areas. The SBZA warning display will light up in the corresponding outside side mirror and will flash if the turn signal is on.


SBZA does not alert the driver to vehicles rapidly approaching outside of the side blind zones, pedestrians, bicyclists, or animals. It may not provide alerts when changing lanes under all driving conditions. Failure to use proper care when changing lanes may result in injury, death, or vehicle damage. Before making a lane change, always check mirrors, glance over your shoulder, and use the turn signals.

SBZA Detection Zones

SBZA Detection Zones

The SBZA sensor covers a zone of approximately one lane over from both sides of the vehicle, or 3.5m (11 ft). The height of the zone is approximately between 0.5m (1.5 ft) and 2m (6 ft) off the ground. This zone starts at approximately the middle of the vehicle and goes back 5m (16 ft).

How the System Works

The SBZA symbol lights up in the side mirrors when the system detects a moving vehicle in the next lane over that is in the side blind zone. This indicates it may be unsafe to change lanes. Before making a lane change, check the SBZA display, check mirrors, glance over your shoulder, and use the turn signals.

How the System Works

When the vehicle is started, both outside mirror SBZA displays will briefly come on to indicate the system is operating. When the vehicle is in a forward gear, the leftor right-side mirror display will light up if a moving vehicle is detected in that blind zone. If the turn signal is activated in the same direction of a detected vehicle, this display will flash as an extra warning not to change lanes.

SBZA can be disabled through vehicle personalization. See "Collision/Detection Systems" under Vehicle Personalization

If SBZA is disabled by the driver, the SBZA mirror displays will not light up.

When the System Does Not Seem to Work Properly

SBZA displays may not come on when passing a vehicle quickly or for a stopped vehicle. SBZA may alert to objects attached to the vehicle, such as a bicycle, or object extending out to either side of the vehicle. This is normal system operation; the vehicle does not need service.

SBZA may not always alert the driver to vehicles in the side blind zone, especially in wet conditions.

The system does not need to be serviced. The system may light up due to guardrails, signs, trees, shrubs, and other non-moving objects. This is normal system operation; the vehicle does not need service.

SBZA may not operate when the SBZA sensors in the left or right corners of the rear bumper are covered with mud, dirt, snow, ice, or slush, or in heavy rainstorms. For cleaning instructions, see "Washing the Vehicle" under Exterior Care, If the DIC still displays the system unavailable message after cleaning both sides of the vehicle toward the rear corners of the vehicle, see your dealer.

If the SBZA displays do not light up when vehicles are in the blind zone and the system is clean, the system may need service. Take the vehicle to your dealer.

When SBZA is disabled for any reason other than the driver turning it off, the Side Blind Zone Alert On option will not be available on the personalization menu.

Radio Frequency Information

See Radio Frequency Statement


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