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Buick Encore: Taillamps, Turn Signal, Sidemarker, Stoplamps, and Back-Up Lamps

Buick Encore 2020-2024 Owners Manual / Vehicle Care / Bulb Replacement / Taillamps, Turn Signal, Sidemarker, Stoplamps, and Back-Up Lamps

Taillamp Assembly

The vehicle has halogen turn signal lamps and back-up lamps, LED tail/ stoplamps, and a sidemarker lamp on the taillamp assembly.

Driver Side

Driver Side

  1. Remove the cover and screws attaching the panel to the vehicle interior. Remove the panel.

Driver Side

  1. Remove the cover.

Passenger Side

Passenger Side

  1. Remove the storage door.

Passenger Side

  1. Remove the cover.

Driver Side Shown, Passenger Side Similar
Driver Side Shown, Passenger Side Similar

  1. Turn Signal Lamp
  2. Back-Up Lamp


  1. Remove the bulb holder.
  2. Remove and replace the bulb.
  3. Put the bulb holder into the taillamp assembly and tighten.
  4. Close the covers.

License Plate Lamp

Lamp Assembly
Lamp Assembly

Bulb Assembly
Bulb Assembly

To replace one of these bulbs:

  1. Push the left end of the lamp assembly toward the right.
  2. Turn the lamp assembly down to remove it.
  3. Turn the bulb socket (1) counterclockwise to remove it from the lamp assembly (3).
  4. Pull the bulb (2) straight out of the bulb socket (1).
  5. Push the replacement bulb straight into the bulb socket and turn the bulb socket clockwise to install it into the lamp assembly.
  6. Turn the lamp assembly into the lamp assembly opening engaging the clip side first.
  7. Push on the lamp side opposite the clip until the lamp assembly snaps into place.


     Electrical System

     Electrical System Overload

    The vehicle has fuses and circuit breakers to protect against an electrical system overload. When the current electrical load is too heavy, the circuit breaker opens and closes, protecting the circui

     Engine Compartment Fuse Block

    To remove the fuse block cover, squeeze the clip and lift it up. Caution Spilling liquid on any electrical component on the vehicle may damage it. Always keep the covers on any electrical component.


     Description and operation

    DRUM BRAKE SYSTEM DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION System Component Description The drum brake system consists of the following: Drum Brake Shoes Applies mechanical output force, from hydraulic brake wheel cylinders, to friction surfaces of brake drums. Brake Drums Uses mechanical output force applied to

     Immobilizer - Diagnostic information and procedures

    DTC B2955: Security sensor data circuit DIAGNOSTIC CODE INDEX DTC B2955: SECURITY SENSOR DATA CIRCUIT Diagnostic Instructions Perform the Diagnostic System Check - Vehicle prior to using this diagnostic procedure. Review Strategy Based Diagnosis for an overview of the diagnostic approach.

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