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Buick Encore: Driving Information


 Driver Behavior

Driving is an important responsibility. Driver behavior, the driving environment, and the vehicle's design all affect how well a vehicle performs. Being aware of these factors can help in understandi

 Distracted Driving

Distraction comes in many forms and can take your focus from the task of driving. Exercise good judgment and do not let other activities divert your attention away from the road. Many local government


Caution To avoid damage to the steering system, do not drive over curbs, parking barriers, or similar objects at speeds greater than 3 km/h (1 mph). Use care when driving over other objects such as la


 Airbag System Check

The airbag system does not need regularly scheduled maintenance or replacement. Make sure the airbag readiness light is working. See Airbag Readiness Light Caution If an airbag covering is damaged, opened, or broken, the airbag may not work properly. Do not open or break the airbag coverings. If the

 Displays and Gauges - Repair instructions

AMBIENT AIR TEMPERATURE SENSOR REPLACEMENT Fig. 9: Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Replacement DRIVER INFORMATION DISPLAY REPLACEMENT (UAG) Fig. 10: Driver Information Display Replacement (UAG) Driver Information Display Replacement (UAG) DRIVER INFORMATION DISP

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