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Buick Encore: Drum Brakes


 Diagnostic information and procedures

Brake drum diameter measurement SPECIFICATIONS FASTENER TIGHTENING SPECIFICATIONS Fastener Tightening Specifications DRUM BRAKE COMPONENT SPECIFICATIONS Drum Brake Component Specifications DIAGNOS

 Repair instructions

Brake drum replacement Special Tools CH-41013 Rotor Resurfacing Kit CH-42450-A Wheel Hub Resurfacing Kit For equivalent regional tools, refer to Special Tools. Removal Procedure WARNING: Refer to

 Description and operation

DRUM BRAKE SYSTEM DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION System Component Description The drum brake system consists of the following: Drum Brake Shoes Applies mechanical output force, from hydraulic brake wheel c


  Engine Performance Diagnostic Routine Outline

NOTE: This article is generic in nature and all information does not apply to all vehicles. For vehicle specific information, see the appropriate articles in the ENGINE PERFORMANCE category. WHERE DOES DRIVEABILITY DIAGNOSIS START? PERFORM BASIC INSPECTION NOTE: This article is generic in nature an

 Battery - North America

The original equipment battery is maintenance free. Do not remove the cap and do not add fluid. Refer to the replacement number shown on the original battery label when a new battery is needed. See Engine Compartment Overview for battery location Warning WARNING: Battery posts, terminals, and relat

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