Buick Encore Owners & Service Manuals

Buick Encore: General Information

For service and parts needs, visit your dealer. You will receive genuine GM parts and GM-trained and supported service people.

Genuine GM parts have one of these marks:

General Information

California Proposition 65 Warning


Most motor vehicles, including this one, as well as many of its service parts and fluids, contain and/or emit chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Engine exhaust, many parts and systems, many fluids, and some component wear by-products contain and/or emit these chemicals.

See Battery - North America and Jump Starting - North America and the back cover.

California Perchlorate Materials Requirements

Certain types of automotive applications, such as airbag initiators, seat belt pretensioners, and lithium batteries contained in electronic keys, may contain perchlorate materials. Perchlorate Material - special handling may apply.

Accessories and Modifications

Adding non-dealer accessories or making modifications to the vehicle can affect vehicle performance and safety, including such things as airbags, braking, stability, ride and handling, emissions systems, aerodynamics, durability, and electronic systems like antilock brakes, traction control, and stability control. These accessories or modifications could even cause malfunction or damage not covered by the vehicle warranty.

Damage to suspension components caused by modifying vehicle height outside of factory settings will not be covered by the vehicle warranty.

Damage to vehicle components resulting from modifications or the installation or use of non-GM certified parts, including control module or software modifications, is not covered under the terms of the vehicle warranty and may affect remaining warranty coverage for affected parts.

GM Accessories are designed to complement and function with other systems on the vehicle. See your dealer to accessorize the vehicle using genuine GM Accessories installed by a dealer technician.

Also, see Adding Equipment to the Airbag-Equipped Vehicle


     Vehicle Checks

     Doing Your Own Service Work

    Warning It can be dangerous to work on your vehicle if you do not have the proper knowledge, service manual, tools, or parts. Always follow owner's manual procedures and consult the service manual for

     Engine Compartment Overview

    Engine Air Cleaner/Filter Engine Oil Dipstick. See Engine Oil Engine Cooling Fan (Out of View). See Cooling System Engine Oil Fill Cap. See Engine Oil Engine Coolant Surge Tank and Pressur


     Floor coverings and headlinings - Installation Procedure

    Fig. 92: Headliner Trim Panel Retainers With the aid of an assistant, position the headliner trim panel assembly (2) into the vehicle through the liftgate opening. Connect the electrical connectors to the headliner trim panel assembly (2). Tape any unused connectors to the headliner with

     Diagnostic information and procedures

    SPECIFICATIONS FASTENER TIGHTENING SPECIFICATIONS Fastener Tightening Specifications DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION AND PROCEDURES SYMPTOMS - WHEEL DRIVE SHAFTS IMPORTANT: Complete the following steps prior to beginning the wheel drive shaft diagnosis. Review the Vibration Diagnosis, Starting Point, an

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