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Buick Encore: Ignition Positions

Ignition Positions

The vehicle has an electronic keyless ignition with pushbutton start. The RKE transmitter must be in the vehicle for the system to operate.

If the vehicle is not working, the vehicle may be near a strong antenna signal causing interference to the Keyless Access system. See Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System Operation

To shift out of P (Park), the ignition must be on or in ACC/ ACCESSORY, and the brake must be applied.

Stopping the Engine/LOCK/OFF (No Indicator Lights) : When the vehicle is stopped, press ENGINE START/STOP once to turn the engine off. If the vehicle is in P (Park), the ignition will turn off, and Retained Accessory Power (RAP) will remain active. See Retained Accessory Power (RAP)

If the vehicle is not in P (Park), the ignition will return to ACC/ ACCESSORY and the Driver Information Center (DIC) will display the message SHIFT TO PARK.

When the vehicle is shifted into P (Park), the ignition system turn off.

Do not turn the ignition off when the vehicle is moving. This will cause a loss of power assist in the brake and steering systems and disable the airbags.

If the vehicle must be shut off in an emergency:

  1. Brake using a firm steady pressure. Do not pump the brakes repeatedly. This may deplete power assist, requiring increased brake pedal force.
  2. Shift the vehicle to N (Neutral).

    This can be done while the vehicle is moving. After shifting to N (Neutral), firmly apply the brakes and steer the vehicle to a safe location.

  3. Come to a complete stop, shift to P (Park), and turn the ignition off.
  4. Set the parking brake. See Parking Brake


Turning off the vehicle while moving may cause loss of power assist in the brake and steering systems and disable the airbags.

While driving, only shut the vehicle off in an emergency.

If the vehicle cannot be pulled over, and must be shut off while driving, press and hold ENGINE START/ STOP for longer than two seconds, or press twice in five seconds.

ACC/ACCESSORY (Amber Indicator Light) : This mode allows you to use some electrical accessories when the engine is off.

With the ignition off, pressing ENGINE START/STOP one time without the brake pedal applied will place the ignition system in ACC/ ACCESSORY.

The ignition will switch from ACC/ ACCESSORY to OFF after five minutes to prevent battery rundown.

ON/RUN/START (Green Indicator Light) : This mode is for driving and starting. With the ignition off, and the brake pedal applied, pressing ENGINE START/STOP once will place the ignition system in ON/ RUN/START.

Once engine cranking begins, release ENGINE START/STOP.

Engine cranking will continue until the engine starts. See Starting the Engine

The engine will then remain in ON/RUN.

Service Mode

This power mode is available for service and diagnostics, and to verify the proper operation of the malfunction indicator lamp as may be required for emission inspection purposes.

With the vehicle off, and the brake pedal not applied, pressing and holding ENGINE START/STOP for more than five seconds will place the vehicle in Service Mode.

The instruments and audio system will operate as they do in ON/RUN, but the vehicle will not be able to be driven. The engine will not start in Service Mode.

Press ENGINE START/STOP again to turn the vehicle off.


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