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In order to reduce the risk of personal injury when exposed to toxic fumes while grinding, cutting, or applying repair material on any type of sheet molded compound or RIM rigid plastic, observe the following guidelines:

  • Work in a properly ventilated area
  • Apply protective cream to any exposed skin
  • Remove any mixture that comes into contact with skin
  • Wash skin with cold water to remove glass and resin dust
  • Use a sander with a vacuum attachment
  • Follow the repair material manufacturer's instructions

Also, always wear the following:

  • An approved respirator, or air supplied respirator
  • Eye protection
  • Rubber gloves
  • Earplugs
  • Protective clothing

The following procedures should be followed when repairing all types of thermoset plastic:

  • Follow the manufacturer's application and curing recommendations.
  • Do not intermix systems. Use the supplies and the repair materials from the same manufacturer.
  • Clean the inner and outer surfaces of the repair area with a soap impregnated scouring pad in order to remove any dirt or mold release agent.
  • Clean the area with a wax and grease remover, using only enough of the remover to dampen a cloth.

    Allow the panel to dry thoroughly.

  • Remove the surface finish from the area to be repaired. Adhesives are designed to adhere to the plastic substrate, not the finish.
  • Prime a metal surface before applying the repair material.
  • Inspect the rear side of the work area before making repairs in order to avoid possible damage to wires, motors, etc.


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