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Buick Encore: Power Door Locks

Power Door Locks

: Press to unlock the doors.

: Press to lock the doors.

Delayed Locking

This feature delays the locking of the doors until five seconds after all doors are closed.

Delayed locking can only be turned on when the Unlocked Door Anti-Lockout has been turned off.

When is pressed on the power door lock switch while the door is open, a chime will sound three times indicating delayed locking is active.

The doors will lock automatically five seconds after all doors are closed. If a door is reopened before that time, the five-second timer will reset when all doors are closed again.

Press on the door lock switch again or press on the RKE transmitter to lock the doors immediately.

This feature can also be programmed. See Vehicle Personalization

Automatic Door Locks

The doors will lock automatically when all doors are closed, the ignition is on, and the vehicle is shifted out of P (Park).

If a vehicle door is unlocked, and then opened and closed, the doors will lock either when your foot is removed from the brake or the vehicle speed becomes faster than 13 km/h (8 mph).

To unlock the doors:

  • Press on the power door lock switch.
  • Shift the transmission into P (Park).

Automatic door locking cannot be disabled. Automatic door unlocking can be programmed. See Vehicle Personalization


     Lockout Protection

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