Buick Encore Owners & Service Manuals

Buick Encore: Vehicle Personalization


 Personalization Menus

Use the audio system controls to access the personalization menus for customizing vehicle features. The following are all possible personalization features. Depending on the vehicle, some may not be

 Power Door Locks

Select and the following may be displayed: Unlocked Door Anti Lock Out Auto Door Unlock Delayed Door Lock Unlocked Door Anti Lock Out When on, this feature will keep the driver door from locking


Select and the following may be displayed: Calibrate Touchscreen Turn Display Off Calibrate Touchscreen Select to calibrate the touchscreen, then follow the prompts. Turn Display Off Select to tur


 Wheel Alignment System - Description and operation

Camber description Fig. 3: Illustrating Camber Angle Camber is the tilting of the wheels from the vertical when viewed from the front of the vehicle. When the wheels tilt outward at the top, the camber is positive (+). When the wheel tilts inward at the top, the camber is negative (-). The amoun

 Battery - North America

The original equipment battery is maintenance free. Do not remove the cap and do not add fluid. Refer to the replacement number shown on the original battery label when a new battery is needed. See Engine Compartment Overview for battery location Warning WARNING: Battery posts, terminals, and relat

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