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Buick Encore: Wheels and Tires



Every new GM vehicle has high-quality tires made by a leading tire manufacturer. See the warranty manual for information regarding the tire warranty and where to get service. For additional informatio

 Tire Sidewall Labeling

Useful information about a tire is molded into its sidewall. The examples show a typical passenger vehicle tire and a compact spare tire sidewall. Passenger (P-Metric) Tire Example (1) Tire Size : T

 Tire Terminology and Definitions

Air Pressure : The amount of air inside the tire pressing outward on each square inch of the tire. Air pressure is expressed in kPa (kilopascal) or psi (pounds per square inch). Accessory Weight : Th


 Towing the Vehicle

Caution Incorrectly towing a disabled vehicle may cause damage. The damage would not be covered by the vehicle warranty. Do not lash or hook to suspension components. Use the proper straps around the tires to secure the vehicle. Do not drag a locked wheel/tire. Use tire skates or dollies under any l

 Bolted Exterior Body Panels and Closures - Repair instructions

Front end upper tie bar replacement Fig. 3: Front End Upper Tie Bar Front End Upper Tie Bar Replacement HOOD PRIMARY LATCH RELEASE CABLE REPLACEMENT (Encore) Fig. 4: Hood Primary Latch Release Cable Hood Primary Latch Release Cable Replacement (Encore) REAR SIDE DOOR CHECK REPLACEMENT

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