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Buick Encore: Collision Repair



DIMENSIONS - BODY (ENCORE) Point-to-point measurements are for reference only. All measurements are given in millimeters. Use these measurements for diagnosing and estimating. Point-to-point measurem

 Collision Repair - Visual identification

STRUCTURE IDENTIFICATION Fig. 13: Front Structure View Front Fig. 14: Rear Structure View Rear

 Collision repair - Repair instructions

Front wheelhouse panel replacement Removal Procedure Disable the SIR system. Refer to SIR Disabling and Enabling . Disconnect the negative battery cable. Refer to Battery Negative Cable Disconnec


 Schematic wiring diagrams

SPECIFICATIONS FASTENER TIGHTENING SPECIFICATIONS Fastener Tightening Specifications SCHEMATIC WIRING DIAGRAMS WIPER/WASHER WIRINGSCHEMATICS (ENCORE) Front Wiper/Washer Control and Wiper Fig. 1: Front Wiper/Washer Control and Wiper Rear Wiper/Washer Control and Wiper Fig. 2: Rear Wiper/Washer

 Is a lab scope necessary?

Use the Right Noid Light INTRODUCTION You probably have several tools at your disposal to diagnose injector circuits. But you might have questioned "Is a lab scope necessary to do a thorough job, or will a set of noid lights and a multifunction DVOM do just as well?" In the following text, we are

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