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Buick Encore: Compass

The vehicle may have a compass display in the Driver Information Center (DIC).

Setting the Compass Zone

Under certain circumstances, such as during a long trip or moving to a new area, the compass zone will need to be reset. If the compass is not set to the correct zone, it may give false readings. The compass zone should be set to the area in which the vehicle is currently traveling.

Use the DIC buttons to set the compass zone:

  1. While the vehicle is in P (Park), press the MENU button to display the DIC menu.
  2. Press and hold SET/CLR while the Set Area display is active.

Setting the Compass Zone

  1. Find the vehicle's current location and zone number on the map. Zones 1 through 15 are available.
  2. Use     to change to the correct zone number.
  3. Press SET/CLR to confirm the setting.

The compass system is designed to operate for a certain number of miles or degrees of turn before needing a signal from the GPS satellites. When the compass display shows CAL, drive the vehicle for a short distance in an open area where it can receive a GPS signal. The compass system will automatically determine when a GPS signal is restored and provide a heading again.


Setting the Time and Date

To set the time or date:

  1. Select Settings from the Home Page, then select Time and Date.
  2. Select the desired function.

To set the time or date, touch "or ªto change the hour, minutes, AM, PM, day, month, or year.

To change the 12-24 Hr setting, touch 12-24 Hr.

To turn Auto Set on and off, touch Auto Set.

If auto timing is set, the time displayed on the clock may not update immediately when driving into a new time zone.

Auto set requires an active OnStar or connected service plan.

Press BACK to go to the last menu and save the changes or to return to the Home Page.


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