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Buick Encore: Power Outlets

Power Outlet 110/120-Volt Alternating Current

If equipped, this power outlet is on the rear of the center console. It can be used to plug in electrical equipment that uses a maximum limit of 150 watts.

Power Outlet 110/120-Volt Alternating Current

An indicator light on the outlet turns on to show it is in use. The light comes on when the ignition is on and equipment requiring less than 150 watts is plugged into the outlet, and no system fault is detected.

The indicator light does not come on when the ignition is off or if the equipment is not fully seated into the outlet.

If equipment is connected using more than 150 watts or a system fault is detected, a protection circuit shuts off the power supply and the indicator light turns off. To reset the circuit, unplug the item and plug it back in or turn the Retained Accessory Power (RAP) off and then back on. See Retained Accessory Power (RAP) . The power restarts when equipment using 150 watts or less is plugged into the outlet and a system fault is not detected.

The power outlet is not designed for and may not work properly, if any of the following are plugged in:

  • Equipment with high initial peak wattage, such as compressor-driven refrigerators and electric power tools
  • Other equipment requiring an extremely stable power supply, such as microcomputer-controlled electric blankets and touch sensor lamps
  • Medical equipment


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