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Fastener Tightening Specifications

Fastener Tightening Specifications



Before beginning diagnosis, review the system description and operation in order to familiarize yourself with the system function. Refer to Propeller Shaft Description and Operation.

Classifying the Symptom

Propeller Shaft symptoms can usually be classified into the following categories:

  • Leaks
  • Noises
  • Vibrations

Leak and noise related symptoms are diagnosed within the propeller shaft section. Vibration related symptoms are described within General information - Vibration Diagnosis and Correction refer to Symptoms - Vibration Diagnosis and Correction .

Visual/Physical Inspection

  • Inspect the system for aftermarket devices which could affect the operation of the propeller shaft.
  • Inspect the easily accessible or visible system components for obvious damage or conditions which could cause the symptom.

Symptom List

Refer to Propeller Shaft Diagnosis in order to diagnose the symptom.


Review the propeller shaft system function. Refer to Propeller Shaft Description and Operation.

Inspect for loose or missing propeller shaft-to-flange bolts. Tighten or replace as necessary. Refer to Two-Piece Propeller Shaft Replacement.

Inspect for loose bracket bolts and damaged rubber bushings. Tighten or replace as necessary. Refer to Two- Piece Propeller Shaft Replacement.

The propeller shaft and the joints are not serviceable.

The joint seals should be inspected for the following:

  • Tears
  • Cracks
  • Contamination of the lubricating grease

Carefully pinch the seal and feel for the presence of grit

  • Loose or missing seal clamps
  • Leakage of lubricating grease from the seals

The joints should be inspected for the following conditions:

  • Binding or impeded motion during axial movement of the front and rear joints
  • Binding or impeded motion during lateral movement of the rear joint
  • Loose or missing crimped-on end caps
  • Leakage of lubricating grease from the end caps

The propeller shaft must be replaced if any of the above conditions exist. This will ensure that the propeller shaft continues to operate as intended, and does not damage the other driveline components.


     Repair instructions

    TWO-PIECE PROPELLER SHAFT REPLACEMENT Removal Procedure Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to Lifting and Jacking the Vehicle . Remove the muffler assembly. Refer to Exhaust Muffler Replacement

     Description and operation

    PROPELLER SHAFT DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION The function of the propeller shaft is to transfer power from the transfer case to the differential clutch. It consists of three pipe sections, a front Rzepp

     Rear Drive Axle



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