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Buick Encore: Driver Information Center (DIC)

The Driver Information Center (DIC) displays information about the vehicle. It also displays warning messages if a system problem is detected. See Vehicle Messages. All messages appear in the DIC display in the center of the instrument cluster.

The vehicle may also have features that can be customized through the controls on the radio. See Vehicle Personalization

DIC Operation and Displays

The DIC has different displays which can be accessed by using the DIC buttons on the turn signal lever.

The DIC displays trip, fuel, and vehicle system information, and warning messages if a system problem is detected.

The bottom of the DIC display shows the position of the shift lever and the odometer. It may also show the direction the vehicle is driving.

In cold weather the DIC display may change slowly. This is normal and will move more quickly as the vehicle's interior temperature rises.

DIC Operation and Displays

Use the controls to open and scroll through the different items and displays.

SET/CLR : Press to set or clear the menu item displayed.

: Turn the band to scroll through the items in each menu.

MENU : Press to display the Trip/ Fuel Menu and the Vehicle Information Menu. This button is also used to return to or exit the last screen displayed on the DIC.

DIC Info Page Options

The info pages on the DIC can be turned on or off through the Options app.

  1. Press MENU to access the cluster applications.
  2. Use to scroll to the Options menu and press SET/CLR.
  3. Use to choose the Info pages. Press SET/CLR to select.
  4. Select Edit List.
  5. Use to move through the list of possible information displays.
  6. Press SET/CLR while an item is highlighted to select or deselect that item. When an item is selected, a checkmark will appear next to it.
  7. To exit, scroll to Exit and select.


     DIC Menu Items

    Press MENU on the turn signal lever until the Info menu is displayed. Use scroll through the menu items. Not all items are available on every vehicle. Digital Speedometer Trip A or B, Average Fuel

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