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Buick Encore: Dual Automatic Climate Control System

The heating, cooling, and ventilation for the vehicle can be controlled with this system.

Dual Automatic Climate Control System

  1. Driver and Passenger Heated Seats (If Equipped)
  2. Driver and Passenger Temperature Controls
  3. Air Delivery Modes
  4. AUTO (Automatic Operation)
  5. Defrost
  6. Rear Window Defogger
  7. Fan Controls
  8. Air Conditioning
  9. Recirculation
  10. Heated Steering Wheel (If Equipped)

The following are climate control settings that use more fuel:

  • Defrost mode
  • Extreme temperature settings
  • High fan speed settings

To help reduce fuel usage:

  • Use the full automatic control as described under "Automatic Operation" following.
  • Select a temperature setting that is higher in hot weather and lower in cold weather.
  • Turn off the air conditioning when it is not needed.
  • Only use defrost to clear the windows.

Automatic Operation

The system automatically controls the fan speed, air delivery, air conditioning, and recirculation in order to heat or cool the vehicle to the desired temperature.

When AUTO is lit, all four functions operate automatically. Each function can also be manually set and the selected setting is displayed.

Functions not manually set will continue to be automatically controlled, even if the AUTO indicator is not lit.

For automatic operation:

  1. Press AUTO.
  2. Set the temperature. Allow the system time to stabilize. Then adjust the temperature as needed for best comfort.

To improve fuel efficiency and to cool the vehicle faster, recirculation may be automatically selected in warm weather. The recirculation light will not come on. Press to select recirculation; press it again to select outside air.

Manual Operation

: Press the lower   button to decrease the fan speed. Pressing the lower button longer turns the fan and cooling off. Press the upper button to increase the fan speed.

The selected fan speed is indicated by a number on the display screen.

Press AUTO to return to automatic operation.

Air Delivery Modes : Press , , or   to change the direction of the airflow. Air delivery mode settings can be combined. An indicator light comes on in the selected mode button.

Changing the mode cancels the automatic operation and the direction of the airflow is manually controlled. Press AUTO to return to automatic operation.

: Air is directed to the floor outlets.

: Air is directed to the instrument panel outlets.

: Air is directed to the windshield and side window vents.

  : Press to clear the windshield of fog or frost more quickly. Air is directed to the windshield.

For best results, clear all snow and ice from the windshield before defrosting.

Air Conditioning

: Press to turn the air conditioning on or off. If the fan is turned off or the outside temperature falls below freezing, the air conditioner will not run and the indicator light turns off.

Press AUTO to return to automatic operation. When the indicator light is on, the air conditioner runs automatically to cool the air inside the vehicle or to dry the air needed to defog the windshield faster.

: Press to turn on recirculation.

An indicator light comes on. Air is recirculated to quickly cool the inside of the vehicle or reduce entry of outside air and odors.

Auto Defog : The climate control system may have a sensor to automatically detect high humidity inside the vehicle. When high humidity is detected, the climate control system may adjust to outside air supply and turn on the air conditioner. If the climate control system does not detect possible window fogging, it returns to normal operation. To turn Auto Defog off or on, see "Climate and Air Quality" under Vehicle Personalization

Ionizer : If equipped with an ionizer, this feature helps to clean the air inside the vehicle and remove contaminants such as pollen, odors, and dust. To turn the ionizer on or off, see "Climate and Air Quality" under Vehicle Personalization


     Rear Window Defogger

    : Press to turn the rear window defogger on or off. An indicator light on the button comes on to show that the rear window defogger is on. The defogger only works when the ignition is on. The defogg


    Air Intake Clear away any ice, snow, or leaves from the air intake at the base of the windshield that can block the flow of air into the vehicle. Passenger Compartment Air Filter The filter removes

     Driving and Operating


     Mirrors - Diagnostic information and procedures

    DTC B154A OR B154B: Mirror internal malfunction DIAGNOSTIC CODE INDEX Diagnostic Instructions Perform the Diagnostic System Check - Vehicle prior to using this diagnostic procedure. Review Strategy Based Diagnosis for an overview of the diagnostic approach. Diagnostic Procedure Instruction


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