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Buick Encore: Rear Window Defogger

: Press to turn the rear window defogger on or off. An indicator light on the button comes on to show that the rear window defogger is on.

The defogger only works when the ignition is on. The defogger turns off if the ignition is off or in ACC/ ACCESSORY.

The rear window defogger can be set to automatic operation. See "Climate and Air Quality" under Vehicle Personalization 0 113.

When Auto Rear Defog is turned on, the rear window defogger turns on automatically when the interior temperature is cold and the outside temperature is about 4 ºC (40 ºF) and below. The auto rear defogger turns off automatically after about 10 minutes. At higher speeds, the rear window defogger may stay on continuously.

If equipped with heated outside mirrors, they turn on when the rear window defogger button is on and help to clear fog or frost from the surface of the mirrors. See Heated Mirrors


Do not try to clear frost or other material from the inside of the front windshield and rear window with a razor blade or anything else that is sharp. This may damage the rear window defogger grid and affect the radio's ability to pick up stations clearly. The repairs would not be covered by the vehicle warranty.

or : If equipped, press to turn the heated seats on or off. See Heated Front Seats

: If equipped, press to turn the heated steering wheel on or off. See Heated Steering Wheel

Remote Start Climate Control Operation : If equipped with the remote vehicle start feature, the climate control system may run when the vehicle is started remotely.

The system uses the driver's previous settings to heat or cool the inside of the vehicle. The rear defog may come on during remote start based on cold ambient conditions.

The rear defog indicator light does not come on during a remote start.

If equipped, the heated seats may come on during a remote start. The heated seat indicator lights do not come on during a remote start. See Remote Vehicle Start and Heated Front Seats


The solar sensor, on top of the instrument panel near the windshield, monitors the solar heat.

The climate control system uses the sensor information to adjust the temperature, fan speed, recirculation, and air delivery mode for best comfort.

If the sensor is covered, the automatic climate control system may not work properly.

Air Vents

Use the louvers located on the air vents to change the direction of the airflow.

Use the thumbwheels near the air vents to control the amount of airflow or to shut off the airflow.

Operation Tips

  • Keep all outlets open whenever possible for best system performance.
  • Keep the paths under all seats clear of objects to help circulate the air inside the vehicle more effectively.
  • Clear away any ice, snow, or leaves from the air inlets at the base of the windshield that can block the flow of air into the vehicle.
  • Clear snow off the hood to improve visibility and help decrease moisture drawn into the vehicle.
  • Use of non-GM approved hood deflectors can adversely affect the performance of the system.



    Air Intake Clear away any ice, snow, or leaves from the air intake at the base of the windshield that can block the flow of air into the vehicle. Passenger Compartment Air Filter The filter removes

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