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Buick Encore: Instrument Panel Fuse Block

Instrument Panel Fuse Block

The instrument panel fuse block is on the underside of the driver side instrument panel. To access the fuses, remove the storage compartment. To remove the storage compartment, open the compartment and pull it out.

Instrument Panel Fuse Block

The vehicle may not be equipped with all of the fuses, relays, and features shown.

Fuses/ Usage

F1 Body control module 1

F2 Body control module 2

F3 Body control module 3

F4 Body control module 4

F5 Body control module 5

F6 Body control module 6

F7 Body control module 7

F8 Body control module 8

F9 Discrete logic ignition switch

F10 Sensing diagnostic module battery

F11 Data link connector

F12 HVAC module/ICS

F13 Liftgate relay

F14 Central gateway module

F15 Lane departure warning/GENTEX

F16 Adaptive forward lighting module

F17 Electrical steering column lock

F18 Park assist module/ Side blind zone alert

F19 Body control module/Regulated voltage control

F20 Clock spring

F21 A/C/Accessory power outlet/PRNDL

F22 Auxiliary power outlet/DC center

F23 HVAC module/ICS

F24 -

F25 OnStar module/ Eraglonass

F26 Heated steering wheel

F27 Instrument cluster/ Auxiliary heater/ Auxiliary virtual image display

F28 Trailer feed 2

F29 Infotainment system

F30 DC/DC 400W

F31 Instrument cluster module battery

F32 Silver box audio module/Navigation

F33 Trailer feed 1

F34 Passive entry/ Passive start

Midi Fuses /Usage

MD01/  Positive temperature coefficient

S/B Fuses/  Usage

S/B01 Passenger power seat

S/B02 -

S/B03 Front power windows

S/B04 Rear power windows

S/B05 Logistic mode relay

S/B06 Driver power seat

S/B07 -

S/B08 Trailer interface module

Relays/ Usage

RLY01 Accessory/Retained accessory power

RLY02 Liftgate

RLY03 -

RLY04 -

RLY05 Logistic mode


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