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 Plastic Panel Information and Repair - Repair instructions

GENERAL PLASTIC REPAIR WARNING: In order to reduce the risk of personal injury when exposed to toxic fumes while grinding, cutting, or applying repair material on any type of sheet molded compound o

 Plastic Panel Information and Repair - Description and operation

HOW TO IDENTIFY PLASTIC PARTS Fig. 1: Identifying SAE Code Plastic parts can be identified by the SAE code, which is usually found on the rear of the part, and/or by the characteristics of the plas

 Collision Repair


 How to Wear Seat Belts Properly

Follow these rules for everyone's protection. There are additional things to know about seat belts and children, including smaller children and infants. If a child will be riding in the vehicle, see Older Children   or Infants and Young Children  Review and follow the rules for chil

 Repair instructions

Heater and air conditioning control replacement (C60) Fig. 6: Heater and Air Conditioning Control Heater and Air Conditioning Control Replacement (C60) HEATER AND AIR CONDITIONING REMOTE CONTROL REPLACEMENT (C67) Fig. 7: Heater And Air Conditioning Remote Control Heater and Air Conditioning

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