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 Plastic Panel Information and Repair - Repair instructions

GENERAL PLASTIC REPAIR WARNING: In order to reduce the risk of personal injury when exposed to toxic fumes while grinding, cutting, or applying repair material on any type of sheet molded compound o

 Plastic Panel Information and Repair - Description and operation

HOW TO IDENTIFY PLASTIC PARTS Fig. 1: Identifying SAE Code Plastic parts can be identified by the SAE code, which is usually found on the rear of the part, and/or by the characteristics of the plas

 Collision Repair


 Diagnostic information and procedures

DTC C0176: Control module temperature sensor high temperature DIAGNOSTIC CODE INDEX DTC C0176: CONTROL MODULE TEMPERATURE SENSOR HIGH TEMPERATURE Diagnostic Instructions Diagnostic Instructions Perform the Diagnostic System Check - Vehicle prior to using this diagnostic procedure. Review Str

 Horns - Description and operation

HORNS SYSTEM DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION System Description The horn system consists of the following components: HORN fuse Underhood fuse block (contains PCB horn relay) Horn switch Horn-low note Horn-high note Body control module (BCM) 14 Horns Block Diagram Fig. 6: 14 Horns Block Diagram

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