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Buick Encore: Rear Seat Reminder

If equipped, the message REAR SEAT REMINDER LOOK IN REAR SEAT displays under certain conditions indicating there may be an item or passenger in the rear seat. Check before exiting the vehicle.

This feature will activate when a second row door is opened while the vehicle is on or up to 10 minutes before the vehicle is turned on.

There will be an alert when the vehicle is turned off. The alert does not directly detect objects in the rear seat; instead, under certain conditions, it detects when a rear door is opened and closed, indicating that there may be something in the rear seat.

The feature is active only once each time the vehicle is turned on and off, and will require reactivation by opening and closing the second row doors. There may be an alert even when there is nothing in the rear seat; for example, if a child entered the vehicle through the rear door and left the vehicle without the vehicle being shut off.

The feature can be turned on or off.

See Vehicle Personalization

Folding the Seatback

Either side of the seatback can be folded down for more cargo space.

Fold a seatback only when the vehicle is not moving.


Folding a rear seat with the seat belts still fastened may cause damage to the seat or the seat belts. Always unbuckle the seat belts and return them to their normal stowed position before folding a rear seat.


Folding the rear seatback prior to tilting the seat cushion forward may damage the rear seat.

Always tilt the rear seat cushion forward before folding the seatback.

To fold a seatback down:

  1. Make sure the floor area in front of the rear seats is clear.
  2. Fully lower the head restraint.

    See Head Restraints

  3. Slide the front seats forward and place the front seatbacks in the upright position. See Seat Adjustment and Reclining Seatbacks

Folding the Seatback

  1. Pull the strap on the front edge of the rear seat cushion to release the cushion. Tilt the seat cushion forward toward the front of the vehicle.

    The seat cushion must be tilted forward before the seatback is folded down. Otherwise, the seatback will not fold down properly.

Rear Seat with Retainer Hook on the Seatback
Rear Seat with Retainer Hook on the Seatback

  1. Make sure the seat belt is in the retainer hook on top of the seatback, if equipped.

Folding the Seatback


Do not allow the seat belt webbing to become caught under the retainer hook trim, as this may cause the seat belt to not be worn properly.

Folding the Seatback

  1. Reach under the belt and pull the lever on top of the seatback to unlock the seatback.

    A tab near the seatback lever raises when the seatback is unlocked.

Folding the Seatback

  1. Fold the seatback forward and down.

Seat Belt Clip on Side Trim
Seat Belt Clip on Side Trim

  1. Place the outboard seat belt in the seat belt clip (if equipped) on the side trim of the vehicle.
  2. Repeat Steps 1-8 for the other seatback and seat cushion, if desired.


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