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If equipped, the sunroof only operates when the ignition is on or when Retained Accessory Power (RAP) is active. See Retained Accessory Power (RAP)

Slide Switch

Express-Open/Express-Close :

Press and release (1) at the second detent to express-open the sunroof. Press and release (1) at the second detent to express-close the sunroof. Press the switch again to stop the movement.

Open/Close (Manual Mode) :

Press and hold (1) at the first detent to open the sunroof. Press and hold (1) at the first detent to close the sunroof. Release the switch to stop the movement.

Tilt Switch

Vent : Press and hold   (2) to vent the sunroof. Press and hold (2) to close the sunroof vent.

The sunshade opens automatically with the sunroof, but must be manually closed.

The sunroof will not operate if the vehicle has an electrical failure.

Automatic Reversal System

The sunroof has an automatic reversal system that is only active when the sunroof is operated in express-close mode.

If an object is in the path while express closing, the reversal system will detect object, stop, and open the sunroof slightly.

If frost or other conditions prevent closing, override the feature by closing the sunroof in manual mode.

To stop movement, release the switch.

Automatic Reversal System

Dirt and debris may collect on the sunroof seal or in the track. This could cause an issue with sunroof operation or noise. It could also plug the water drainage system.

Periodically open the sunroof and remove any obstacles or loose debris. Wipe the sunroof seal and roof sealing area using a clean cloth, mild soap, and water. Do not remove grease from the sunroof.

If water is seen dripping into the water drainage system, this is normal.


     Seats and Restraints

     Head Restraints

    Warning With head restraints that are not installed and adjusted properly, there is a greater chance that occupants will suffer a neck/ spinal injury in a crash. Do not drive until the head restraints

     Front Seats


     Power Door Locks

    Select and the following may be displayed: Unlocked Door Anti Lock Out Auto Door Unlock Delayed Door Lock Unlocked Door Anti Lock Out When on, this feature will keep the driver door from locking when the door is open. If Off is selected, the Delayed Door Lock menu will be available. Select Off

     Diagnostic Information and Procedures

    STRATEGY BASED DIAGNOSIS The goal of Strategy Based Diagnosis is to provide guidance when you create a plan of action for each specific diagnostic situation. Following a similar plan for each diagnostic situation, you will achieve maximum efficiency when you diagnose and repair vehicles. Although

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