Buick Encore Owners & Service Manuals

Buick Encore: Front Seats


 Seat Adjustment

Warning You can lose control of the vehicle if you try to adjust a driver seat while the vehicle is moving. Adjust the driver seat only when the vehicle is not moving. To adjust a manual seat: Pu

 Lumbar Adjustment

If available, press the front or rear of the switch to increase or decrease lumbar support. Release the switch when the desired level of support is reached. Reclining Seatbacks Warning If either sea

 Memory Seats

If equipped, the MEM, 1, and 2 buttons on the outboard side of the driver seat are used to manually save and recall the driver seat and outside mirror positions. These manually stored positions are r


 Keyless Access Operation

The Keyless Access system lets you lock and unlock the doors and access the liftgate without removing the RKE transmitter from your pocket, purse, briefcase, etc. The RKE transmitter must be within 1m (3 ft) of the liftgate or door being opened. There is a button on each door handle. Keyless Access

 Securing a Child Restraint Designed for the LATCH System

Warning A child could be seriously injured or killed in a crash if the child restraint is not properly attached to the vehicle using either the LATCH anchors or the vehicle seat belt. Follow the instructions that came with the child restraint and the instructions in this manual. Warning To reduce th

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