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Buick Encore: Shifting out of Park

This vehicle is equipped with a shift lock control. The shift lock control is designed to prevent movement of the shift lever out of P (Park) unless the ignition is on and the brake pedal is applied.

The shift lock control is always functional except in the case of an uncharged or low voltage (less than 9-volt) battery.

If the vehicle has an uncharged battery or a battery with low voltage, try charging or jump starting the battery. See Jump Starting - North America

To shift out of P (Park):

  1. Apply the brake pedal.
  2. Turn the ignition on.
  3. Press the shift lever button.
  4. Move the shift lever to the desired position.

If still unable to shift out of P (Park):

  1. Fully release the shift lever button.
  2. Hold the brake pedal down and press the shift lever button again.
  3. Move the shift lever to the desired position.

If the shift lever still cannot be moved from P (Park), see "Shift Lock Manual Release" following.

Shift Lock Manual Release

The automatic transmission has an electric park lock. The ignition must be on and the brake pedal must be pressed so the shift lever can be moved from the P (Park) position.

If the battery has lost power, the shift lever cannot be moved from P (Park) unless the shift lock manual release is disengaged manually.

To access the shift lock manual release:

  1. Turn the ignition off.
  2. Hold the brake pedal down.

    Apply the parking brake.

Shift Lock Manual Release

  1. Remove the cover on the console.

Shift Lock Manual Release

  1. Insert and push the key into the slot.
  2. Move the shift lever out of P (Park). If P (Park) is selected again after the key is removed from the slot, the shift lever will be locked again.
  3. Remove the key from the slot.
  4. Close the cover.
  5. Have the cause of the problem fixed by your dealer.


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