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Buick Encore: General Information


 General Information - Encore And Encore

INTRODUCTION ARROWS AND SYMBOLS This service manual uses various symbols in order to describe different service operations. Fig. 1: Identifying Different Service Operations Symbols ACRONYMS AND U


Metric Fasteners This vehicle provides fastener dimensions using the metric system. Most metric fasteners are approximate in diameter to equivalent English fasteners. Make replacements using fastener

 Front side door lock cylinder coding (free wheeling)

Special Tools BO-49753 Assembly Tool Fig. 9: Identifying Lock Components The door lock cylinder uses 8 of the 8 cut positions. The tumbler positions are staggered from side to side, 4 on one side a



Select and the following may be displayed: Calibrate Touchscreen Turn Display Off Calibrate Touchscreen Select to calibrate the touchscreen, then follow the prompts. Turn Display Off Select to turn the display off. Touch anywhere on the infotainment display or press any infotainment controls on

 Engine Heating and Cooling - Repair instructions

Cooling system draining and filling Draining Procedure WARNING: To avoid being burned, do not remove the radiator cap or surge tank cap while the engine is hot. The cooling system will release scalding fluid and steam under pressure if radiator cap or surge tank cap is removed while the engine and

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