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Buick Encore 2012-2019 Service Manual / General Information & Maintenance


 General Information

 General Information - Encore And Encore

INTRODUCTION ARROWS AND SYMBOLS This service manual uses various symbols in order to describe different service operations. Fig. 1: Identifying Different Service Operations Symbols ACRONYMS AND U


Metric Fasteners This vehicle provides fastener dimensions using the metric system. Most metric fasteners are approximate in diameter to equivalent English fasteners. Make replacements using fastener


 Driver Behavior

Driving is an important responsibility. Driver behavior, the driving environment, and the vehicle's design all affect how well a vehicle performs. Being aware of these factors can help in understanding how the vehicle handles and what can be done to avoid many types of crashes, including a rollover

 Automotive terminology & definitions

ABRASIVE CLEANING removing contaminants using a cleaning agent containing abrasive material. Cleaning that requires physical abrasion (e.g., glass bead blasting, wire brushing). ADDITIVE in automotive terminology, a substance added to a liquid, such as engine oil, transmission fluid, gear oil or c

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