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Buick Encore 2012-2019 Service Manual / General Information & Maintenance


 General Information

 General Information - Encore And Encore

INTRODUCTION ARROWS AND SYMBOLS This service manual uses various symbols in order to describe different service operations. Fig. 1: Identifying Different Service Operations Symbols ACRONYMS AND U


Metric Fasteners This vehicle provides fastener dimensions using the metric system. Most metric fasteners are approximate in diameter to equivalent English fasteners. Make replacements using fastener


 Symptoms - automatic transmission shift lock control

IMPORTANT: The following steps must be completed before using the symptom tables. Perform the Diagnostic System Check - Vehicle before using the Symptom Tables in order to verify that all of the following are true: There are no DTCs set. The control modules can communicate via the serial d

 Brake System

Visually inspect brake lines and hoses for proper hook-up, binding, leaks, cracks, chafing, etc. Inspect disc brake pads for wear and rotors for surface condition. Inspect drum brake linings/shoes for wear or cracks. Inspect all other brake parts. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis Components Visuall

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