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Buick Encore: Engine Controls and Fuel - 1.4L

Buick Encore 2012-2019 Service Manual / Engine / Engine Controls and Fuel - 1.4L


 Engine Controls and Fuel - 1.4L - Description and operation

Camshaft actuator system description Camshaft Actuator System Overview Fig. 1: Identifying Camshaft Actuator System Components The camshaft actuator system enables the engine control module (ECM

 Engine controls and fuel - 1.4l - Diagnostic information and procedures

DTC P0010, P0013, OR P2088-P2091 Diagnostic Instructions Perform the Diagnostic System Check - Vehicle prior to using this diagnostic procedure. Review Strategy Based Diagnosis for an overview of

 Engine controls and fuel - 1.4l - Repair instructions

Brake pedal position sensor learn Calibration Criteria NOTE: Do not apply the brake pedal during the brake pedal position sensor calibration procedure. Any movement of the brake pedal during this pro


 Diagnostic information and procedures

SPECIFICATIONS FASTENER TIGHTENING SPECIFICATIONS Fastener Tightening Specifications DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION AND PROCEDURES SYMPTOMS - PARK BRAKE NOTE: Review the system operation in order to familiarize yourself with the system functions. Refer to Park Brake System Description and Operation Visua

 Automatic Headlamp System

When it is dark enough outside and the exterior lamp control is in the automatic position, the headlamps come on automatically. See Exterior Lamp Controls The vehicle has a light sensor on top of the instrument panel. Make sure it is not covered, or the headlamps will be on when they are not neede

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